The Professional Healthcare Process

We accept referrals from anyone; this includes self-referrals, referrals from GPs and from employers. Obviously we can only work with you if you are happy to be referred. The first part of the process is to have a multidisciplinary assessment. As a result of this we will formulate a combined care plan with your agreement. We will discuss with you how this should be communicated to others.

Wherever possible we will tap into existing resources; for example if your GP is already involved or you are happy for them to be so, we will not seek to duplicate this service. Similarly with any existing psychiatric or occupational health input. However we will seek to fill any gaps in care from within our own resources, which includes the wide spectrum of specialists we work with.

Before the assessment we will either agree a price with yourself if you are self-paying, or with whoever is commissioning the service. Please note that the commissioner will be told that payment does not guarantee information – except in cases of serious risk to others you will always have input into the information flow.

We will also do our best to cost the care plan though clearly this cannot be predicted with total certainty at the outset. We will always go for speed over cost although clearly compromises may need to be made along the way, particularly if commissioners demand it.

This means that the majority of the treatment you receive will be in the private sector. We believe that wise employers can see the value of speedy treatment tied in to getting their employees back to work and paying for this can be a cost-effective way of achieving this.

If you are currently the subject of an enquiry by your regulatory authority which requires you to have a package of care and for the treating doctor to liaise with your supervisor, we can provide this role.