GP services

Everyone should have a GP but some people do not. Even if you are registered with a GP there may be many reasons that a health professional might not access advice, including fear and embarrassment. Short appointments may mean that complex health issues are over simplified and some are not discussed. Often mental health (including potential substance abuse) is glossed over. Waiting lists for specialist referral may be long and feel too daunting to be worthwhile.

Mental and physical health are inextricably linked and depression/anxiety/substance abuse may be perpetuated by fear over physical health. A normal blood test result may be enough to encourage healthier lifestyle choices before they become too ingrained.

At Professional Healthcare the role of the GP is to do a global assessment and make a care plan addressing all your health needs. In many cases these will be treatable in general practice. But because of our extensive contacts in both the public and private sector, if you need specialist intervention we help you navigate the system to find the optimum solution.

In our experience it is those people who have multiple or complex health problems who are most likely to be off work longest; not because their conditions take longer to treat, but due to there being poor coordination of different streams of health care. Because we exist to get people back to work our priority is to make sure all health problems are treated speedily and in parallel, wherever possible.