About Professional Healthcare

Professional Healthcare was conceived on the back of the Department of Health initiative to provide joint services to health practitioners, especially doctors, who find it difficult to access generic services due to a wide variety of reasons, including not having a GP, the perceived stigma of having a mental health or alcohol/substance misuse problem or reticence due to treatment being only available in or near their own place of work.

We started from the model espoused by the Practitioner Health Programme in London but felt that integrating Occupational Health was a vital component as getting professionals back to work is both therapeutic and vital to prevent unemployment leading to a further deterioration in health.

Our collective experience of working with people in this situation led us to the conclusion that it was not just health professionals who could benefit from such a service. Employers in all sectors value a ‘one-stop-shop’ where valued employees¬†can access speedy advice and treatment to enable a swift return to the workplace.

At Professional Health we recognise and value the contribution made by the NHS to patient care and do not wish to usurp it. That is why, uniquely, we are a hybrid organisation, utilising the NHS but combining it with the private sector in order to achieve the best outcome for both the patient and the employer. The aim is always to provide timely and efficient treatment in order to get you or your employee back to work.